Cul♦ture | \kəl-chər\ | noun
The totality of all the individual artifacts, behaviors, and mental concepts transmitted among the members of society by learning; what remains of a man's past working on his present to shape his future.¹    

¹Campbell, M.D., Robert J. (1996)  Psychiatric Dictionary: Seventh Edition. New York: Oxford University Press.

New Report Shows Increase in ADHD Diagnosis among Girls, Hispanic Children
By: Brittney Dunkins 


Diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD—the most-diagnosed mental disorder among U.S. children—continues to rise, according to a report published Tuesday in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.


ADHD diagnosis among U.S. children ages 5 to 17 increased 43 percent between 2003 and 2011, according to the report, “Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Parent-reported Diagnosis of ADHD.”



The jump equates to 5.8 million—or nearly 1 in 10—children and young adults in the United States with ADHD.

Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower: An Animation

Narrated by Dan Harris, author of 10% Happier
Animation by Katy Davis (AKA Gobblynne)
Animation assistant: Kim Alexander


Practicing mindfulness is one of the single most powerful things you can do for your wellbeing. Want to give it a try? Visit for guided meditations and other mindfulness-building activities designed by experts.




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19 Jan 2020, 6:49 pm
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