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A brief history of who we are. My name is Rebecca Keegan, a licensed Child and Family therapist and MCC's Executive Director and Founder.

As all clinicians, I was trained as a generic mental health clinician. For many years prior to MCC, I worked for community mental heath centers, with children and  families presenting an array of mental health challenges and needs.

I soon  realized the need to developed specialty services for at risk children/families. My interest at first was in the treatment of trauma working with adults and later my main focus was in working with children and families who experience abuse, neglect and attachment issues. I was fortunate to have had Jay Haley (one of the fathers of the family therapy approach) as my mentor, who worked closely with Salvador Minuchin, who also influenced my learning as a child and family therapist.

It was evident to me as well as others, that there was a need for a community based-comprehensive mental center, to provide services to all, including the multicultural and multilingual populations.


MCC was created in July of 1991 with the help and commitment of many clinicians who had the same vision.

Most clinicians have been a part of our MCC family for many years, and some  have been with us since its birth.  This has contributed to our many years of stability as well as placing us as one of the lead agencies in the mental health, behavioral, and substance abuse service providers in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, and specifically in the Northern Virginia area.

We'd like to recognize a few clinicians who contributed with us for many years, such as:  MCC Directors

  • Dr. William Stage,MD | helped to create our Psychiatric and medication services, now directed by Dr. James Steg, MD,
  • Dr. Jane Fond, helped develop our outpatient services, now directed by Dr. Mala Tandon,
  • Dr. Eliana Gil from the Gil Institute, helped to formalized our child abuse and neglect program and develop services for children who experience sexual abuse, now directed by Dr. Tandon who is a part of our Trauma specialists team,
  • Dr Daisy Pascualvaca who helped to develop MCC's program for children who experience developmental disabilities/Autism spectrum disorder, now ABA program,
  • Dr. Gisele Hass, developed our child/ parent attachment services, now a component of out outpatient and Home Based programs,
  • Ann Wood, who helped me to developed the first therapeutic home based program for high risk
    children in the area, now directed by Gladys Santiago, who is also our Director,
  • Dr. Gloria Morote, a neuro-psychologist, who has been with MCC since its creation and for many
    years was the Director of our Diagnostic Program, which now she co-directs with Dr. Carolyn Corbertt, 
  • Sean Keegan, who has supported MCC as the Chief Financial Officer,
  • Michael Torres, who is the director of MCC's Substance Abuse Program.

In addition, MCC is fortunate to have a large group of experienced, dedicated, trained professionals in different areas of expertise providing outpatient therapies, therapeutic home based counseling, residential home based services, ABA services,  substance abuse treatment, as well as those who are a part of our assessment and diagnostic team.  

MCC is proud to announce that many of our programs have been presented in local, national and international conferences.

We also want to thank case workers and county supervisors and managers for continuing to trust us with their clients.

For more detailed information about our comprehensive services please go to Home-Based or Outpatient services pages!