The BCaBA will report directly to the BCBA and will complete delegated tasks. These tasks may include, but are not limited to assessments, program development, parent training, and coordination of other Behavior Technicians. The BCBA will supervise all delegated tasks completed by the BCaBA. Supervision of assigned duties will reflect areas of need, based on BACB Task List Competency Assessment.

Apply for this Career


  1. Conduct assessments in the areas of social skills, verbal behavior, functional behavior, and daily living skills.
  2. Develop Individualized Service Plans for all clients on your caseload and ensure that these ISPs are updated as needed
  3. Develop programs based on the ISP to target the client’s areas of need
  4. Create program materials for assigned cases and ensure that the materials are present in the home and in good condition.
  5. Provide field supervision to behavior technicians
  6. Assist BCBA with program design, program research, program material creation, and reports
  7. Conduct ongoing parent trainings and team meetings
  8. Attend IEP and county support meetings as necessary
  9. Assist BCBA with monthly trainings for the Behavior Technicians

Minimum Qualification


  1. Must be a Virginia Licensed BCaBA
  2. Valid driver's license and independent transportation in addition to passing a background check.
  3. Experience with Verbal Behavior and ABA-based skills assessments (ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP, AFLS)
  4. Sensitivity to and understanding of people of diverse cultures



Compensation and Benefits

  1. Initial and ongoing comprehensive ABA training program
  2. Team of professionals available for collaboration and supervision
  3. Flexible schedule and hours
  4. Access to MCC’s materials, such as puzzles, games, curriculum, and sensory items to utilize in sessions
  5. BCBA supervision opportunities for those sitting for the BCBA exam