The Supervising BCBA works as part of a clinical team of behavior technicians, lead behavior technicians, and other BCBAs. The Supervising BCBA reports directly to the Regional Director and ABA Program Director and completes clinical tasks necessary to run an in-home program. These tasks may include, but are not limited to assessments,
on-site supervisions, off-site supervision, staff trainings, program development, parent training, and coordination of other Behavior Technicians.

The ABA Program Director and/or Regional Program Director meets weekly with the Supervising BCBAs to ensure all tasks are being completed accurately. Supervision of assigned duties will reflect areas of need, based on BACB Task List Competency Assessment.

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The Supervising BCBA, with support of the Regional Program Director and/or ABA Program Director, is responsible for overseeing home-based client programs and behavior technicians working on their teams.

It is expected that Supervising BCBA will maintain frequent communication with the Regional Director, ABA Program Director and/or Director Team to facilitate support and promote success in performance. Any issue or obstacle to meet the expectations will be communicated and addressed promptly by the Director Team.

  1. Conduct assessments in the areas of social skills, verbal behavior, functional behavior, and daily living skills.
  2. Develop Individualized Service Plans for all clients on your caseload and ensure that these ISPs are updated as needed
  3. Develop programs based on the ISP to target the client’s areas of need
  4. Monitor ongoing progress and make adjustments to treatment plan as needed
  5. Create program materials for assigned cases and ensure that the materials are present in the home and in good condition.
  6. Provide field and in-office supervision per regulations to behavior technicians, RBTs, BCaBAs, and those pursuing their BCBA certification, as needed.
  7. Provide feedback of staff supervised and document supervision
  8. Conduct and participate in ongoing parent trainings and team meetings
  9. Attend IEP and county support meetings, as necessary
  10. Assist with weekly office clinics and journal meetings, with support from ABA Regional Directors and ABA Program Director
  11. Assist in developing client referrals and hour distribution
  12. Document all treatment and supervision activities provided, accurately and timely, in the electronic health record

Minimum Qualification


  1. Must be a BCBA and LBA, or working towards becoming an LBA
  2. Minimum of 1 year experience providing in-home ABA services to children and/or adolescents
  3. Valid driver's license and independent transportation
  4. Experience with ABA-based skills assessments (ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP, AFLS)
  5. Ability to work as a member of a collaborative team of professionals
  6. Sensitivity to and understanding of people of diverse cultures
  7. Bilingual preferred

MCC requires all staff to successfully complete a CPS, VSP, FBI background check 


Compensation and Benefits

  1. Full and part-time salaried position, commensurate with experience, education and qualifications.
  2. Health insurance
  3. 401(k), with generous employer match
  4. Paid time off, sick leave and paid holidays
  5. Disability insurance
  6. Designated office space for BCBAs to complete assessments, supervisions, and other off-site tasks
  7. Tiered structure for each team, including Lead Behavior Technicians to support with delegated tasks
  8. In-house RBT training to ensure all direct service staff is fully trained in the principles of ABA
  9. Initial and ongoing comprehensive ABA training program for all leadership positions
  10. Weekly clinic meetings with all ABA staff to review ABA principles and techniques
  11. Team of professionals and mental health specialists, including psychologist and psychiatrist, available for collaboration and supervision
  12. Bi-weekly journal meetings to review and discuss behavior analytic research pertinent to cases
  13. Use of electronic health system to access client information on-the-go
  14. Full access to MCC’s offices – including all office materials and assessment tools
  15. Professional development opportunities
  16. Opportunities for career growth within the company
  17. Team of administrative support staff on site
  18. An Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) approach to supervision and overall program development